Designing labels for your CBD products can be incredibly confusing. CBD label requirements vary by each state, and with very little guidance on the rules and regulations, many businesses are facing lawsuits for inaccurate or incomplete information on their CBD product labels.


To help you in your efforts to properly label your products, we’ve come up with a helpful guide. We recommend including all of the following information on your CBD labels – though it is imperative that you check your local state and federal laws to ensure your CBD labels are compliant.


Basic CDC Guidelines 

Brand Name- This is most important part of your label.  This is what your CBD product will be marketed under. 


CBD Product Identity- Clearly state what your CBD product is or does (for example, “CBD Oil”). It is not the brand or business name, and It must be easily located on the packaging’s Product Display Panel (PDP).


Net Quantity of Contents- This is the actual product found within the packaging (without the weight of the packaging itself), and the amount of CBD per serving. Liquids must be measured by volume, while solids must be measured by weight. This information should appear on the bottom 30% of the PDP of outer packaging, and also on an informational panel on an inner container. 


Manufacturer- The name and address of your business must be found on the informational panel of both the outer and inner packaging of the product. We also recommend including a phone number.


Ingredient Statement- All CBD products must include a statement of all ingredients on the outer packaging. If there is no outer packaging, ingredients must be listed on the product itself.


Warning/Caution- As with many products containing certain substances, it’s best practice (and in the best interest of public health and safety) to include a warning label on your CBD for children, pregnant women, and how your CBD product may interact with other medications, drugs, or alcohol.


Disclosure of Material Facts- This includes any information that someone using your CBD product should know before use. This could include how or when to use your product, or ways your product should not be used or consumed.


Some States May Also Require the following:

Scannable QR Code or Barcode –The strictest states require that all products containing CBD have a clear scannable QR or barcode, which directs shoppers to a downloadable web document that contains all of the following information:

  • Batch number
  • Product name
  • Batch date
  • Expiration date
  • Batch size
  • Total quantity produced
  • Ingredients used (including the company that produced it, product ID code, and ingredient lot number)


Batch Number – Should a quality control issue arise; it is important to be able to identify the products of individual batches.


Web Address – Where shoppers can find the batch information.


Expiration Date – This must be no more than 2 years from the manufacture date.


Disclosure of THC- The label must state that the product does not contain more than three-tenths of a percent of totaldalta-9-tetrahdrocannabinol (THC).


What NOT to Do


We’ve talked about the basic requirements you should include on your CBD label – but what about what you should NOT include? Put plainly, avoid making any health claims about your product. In other words, do not claim that your product can cure or treat any conditions. The FDA is quick to take action against any business that makes these kinds of claims.


Also be sure that you do not violate the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970, which says that packaging containing certain substances “must be designed or constructed to be significantly difficult for children under five years of age to open within a reasonable time, and not difficult for normal adults to use properly.”


In order to help businesses like yours, the FDA has put together an FAQ of 26 of the most common CBD-related questions. At this link, you will also find a number of helpful resources and communications. 


Ready to design CBD labels for your product? Our label engineers are educated in CBD label requirements and ready to guide you through the label design and production process. Get a free quote for your custom CBD labels today!