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Since 1972, Alpine Packaging, Inc. has been committed to providing high quality customized packaging, continuity in superior service, and customer satisfaction in an employee-friendly environment with the utmost integrity.

At Alpine, we are always looking for stellar talent. If you think that you’d be a valuable addition to our team, please contact us at jdinapoli@alpinepackaging.com with the subject line: Hiring Inquiry. Click on the job title below to see its description:

 Inventory Management Coordinator | Shipping and Receiving Assistant | Customer Service/Inside Sales Representative | Material Handler/Enhancer | Flexographic Press Operator

Inventory Management Coordinator

General Job Description
The primary focus of the job is to oversee all aspects of our label stock inventory to help meet our customers’ delivery requirements.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain a high degree of inventory accuracy, oversee accurate counts of all inventory by performing ‘real time’ reconciliations with the customized Inventory System and Work Order Status Site on the computer with Physical Inventory
  • Serve as the label stock and tape owner of our inventory system
  • Coordinate with Shipping/Receiving team on inbound stocks and compare packing list with rolls for accuracy
  • Check in new inbound inventory on the computer
  • Ensure that all rolls of label stock and tape are properly assigned with the proper unique roll tags using customized computer program and a Dymo printer
  • Review work orders delivery ship date report to ensure we meet customers’ expedited ship dates
  • Allocate the proper label stock rolls on the computer for each Work Order
  • Prepare a Pick List for the allocated rolls on the computer
  • Locate the allocated rolls and stage with proper work order
  • Finished rolls need to be measured, entered on the computer, assigned an updated roll tag and returned to the physical inventory
  • Keep a clean and well-organized work area and Inventory areas
  • Follow FIFO (First in – First Out) when possible, when allocating
  • Liaison and Coordinator role (Facilitate daily collaboration between Purchasing Agent, Scheduler and Print Product Manager regarding supplier shipments, requisitions, order input and inventory levels)
  • Monitor and maintain inventory level reports and advise Purchasing Agent of low-inventory level item
  • Perform monthly Inventory scan of all inventory rolls and assist with preparing final reports

Skills and Physical requirements:

  • Strong Communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Attention to detail, organized
  • Basic math skills
  • Leadership qualities, ability to work with teams, strong interpersonal skills
  • Computer skills
  • Self-motivated, reliable, professional and ethical
  • Positive attitude
  • Specific job tasks require ability to engage in physical activities and operate a pallet jack pushing and pulling 125 lb. stock rolls
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds and be able to stand for long periods of time, sit, bend, kneel, crouch and reach
  • Activities are typically completed in the plant production area (95% of shift time)
  • High school diploma or equivalent, experience in inventory management/related areas a plus


Shipping and Receiving Assistant

General Job Description

The Shipping Assistant is the primary back-up to the Shipper and performs various daily duties including physical, transactional and clerical tasks generally related to the packing, inspecting, loading and shipping of finished product and the unloading and receiving of material and stock. Key duties include packing, assembling, marking and labeling product, boxes and pallets accurately and determining the shipping method per shipping procedures, routes and rates. Additional duties include producing all necessary shipping documentation and required transactions. The shipping assistant also assists in keeping the general work area clean and organized. This includes breaking down cardboard and assisting in the removal of trash. This is a full-time position; Day shift, Monday-Friday that includes a competitive benefits package. Packaging industry experience is a plus, Alpine will provide training for new employees.

Duties & Tasks

  • Able to perform general physical activities required to load, unload, sort, pack and move product, stock and materials by hand or by using basic material handling equipment such as forklifts, pallet jacks, hand trucks or dollies. Safely lift up to 30 lbs. and maneuver up to 100+ lbs. using proper equipment.
  • Read and comprehend Work Order to adequately proof + check that finished product and packaging conforms to work order specifications and shipping instructions.
  • Adhere and comply with all Quality control inspection protocols and guidelines
  • Maintain flexibility regarding changing work assignments due to workflow imbalances.
  • Assemble, Pack, Mark and Label product boxes and pallets per standard operating instructions
  • Load and unload material from trucks
  • Review all shipping documents for accuracy and potential errors
  • Be familiar with each Freight Company ‘s procedures. Understand pick-up procedures, how to contact trucking companies and track shipments
  • Package product+ build pallets for shipment according to proper ALPINE PACKAGING shipping procedures and customer specifications (Tire, Dairy, etc.)
  • Ensure proper product count and or weight for all outgoing shipments.
  • As required, verify material/product against purchase order and packing lists to ensure accuracy of the delivery/shipment
  • Carry out assigned housekeeping and waste removal duties
  • Be trained to safely operate the core cutter/maintain required inventories
  • Back up Shipper in absence: Understand all aspects of the shipping operation (reference Training Addendum check list and sign-off certification)

Required Competencies / abilities

  • Detailed-oriented, well organized, industrious
  • Basic listening skills, reading comprehension, writing legibility, oral communication.
  • Basic knowledge of health and safety procedures, public safety and security, customer service, basic mathematics and English language.
  • Physical fitness; physical strength to lift heavy items, and stamina to walk the plant floor and stand on feet for hours at a time
  • Possess average computer competency and skills, basic understanding of computer software, ability to log information into digital systems
  • Be able to utilize material handling equipment, packaging tools, measuring tools and instruments. Fork lift certification a plus
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills; collaborate with the Production and Admin Team to coordinate deliveries, shipments, information and documentation
  • Time management; prepare shipments for pickup deadlines
  • Organization skills; able to balance and plan out daily shipments and incoming receiving
  • Be a good Multitasker


Customer Service/Inside Sales Representative

General Job Description

Interact with Customers to provide information in response to inquiries/quotes about products and services, and when required handle and resolve Customer concerns, complaints and issues. The CSR is responsible for inside sales and order entry. This is a full time position with a generous benefits package. Some customer service experience in a relevant office setting, or equivalent education, is desired.

Goals & Objectives for Maintaining a Customer Focus:

  • Understanding Customer Needs
  • Providing Personalized Service
  • Acting Professionally
  • Keeping Customers Informed
  • Sales Role
  • Customer Relationship Manager Role
  • Order Development and Entry Role
  • Label Engineer

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Respond to customer inquiries for quotes, orders and sample requests.
  • Assist the Graphics Department on new artwork received by customer by analyzing the customer’s request.
  • Submit proofs to customers and follow up with them
  • Maintain superior level of accuracy while doing any work, particularly involving order management.
  • Communicate with Graphics Department and the Production Team to verify all information is correct and understood.
  •  Acquire knowledge of all products and follow office procedures for all systems

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge

  • Customer relationship experience in Manufacturing or in Customized Products
  • Three years’ experience in CSR or Inside Sales
  • MS Office experience with either Access or Excel
  • Computer literacy at Medium Level
  • Detail-oriented/focused/good attention span
  • Excellent in telephone etiquette and protocol
  • Excellent communication skills/active listener/concise communicator
  • Organized and neat
  • Possesses knowledge of the structure and rules of grammar
  • Quick learner of product and service knowledge
  • Experienced in Customer Service and Inside Sales, or equivalent education
  • Packaging industry experience is not required. Alpine will provide training to new employees                                      


Material Handler/Enhancer

General Job Description

Material Handlers handle, move, load and unload all types of materials by hand or using a variety of material handling equipment. They work in the production, shipping, receiving, stocking and delivery processes handling parts, supplies and products thru-out the ALPINE Supply Chain. They need to ensure that all materials are placed in their proper position and or location and are available for use where they are needed. Additionally, they utilize computerized or automated systems to perform required transactions and fill out appropriate paperwork or forms required for documentation and to accomplish tasks. This is a full time, entry-level position that includes a generous benefits package.

Duties & Tasks

  • Perform general physical activities in order to load, unload, sort and move product, stock and materials by hand or by using basic material handling equipment such as forklifts, pallet jacks, hand trucks or dollies. Lift up to 70 lbs. and maneuver up to 150 lbs.
  • Read work orders and receive oral instructions for work assignments
  • Assemble, Pack and Mark product boxes and pallets per standard
  • Load and unload material from trucks
  • Thoroughly know the entire Plant and warehouse layout so as to know exactly the proper place of every individual material
  • Package product + build pallets for shipment according to proper shipping and customer specifications
  • Count and or weigh product and material per procedure
  • As required, verify material against purchase order and packing lists to ensure accuracy of the delivery
  • Per Production Schedule, prepares, delivers and stages required material and production supplies to press
  • Maintain storage areas per standard and carry out assigned housekeeping and 5-S duties
  • Provide information for the completion of incident reports in relation to health and safety issues or material spills
  • Operate a core cutter based on proper instructions
  • Operate a press/re-winder based on proper instructions for slitting and rewinding stocks
  • Train and learn to operate a printing press for basic printing of labels.

Required Competencies / Abilities

  • Basic knowledge of health and safety procedures and standards, public safety and security, customer service, basic mathematics, English language.
  • Basic listening skills, reading comprehension, writing legibility, oral communication and time management
  • Well organized, have a positive attitude, be customer service oriented, self-motivated, patient and industrious
  • Basic understanding and or ability to learn Computer associated software (inventory tracking, Work Order status tracking, spreadsheets and electronic mail) Communication devices, scanning equipment, packaging tools, measurement tools, material handling equipment
  • Adequate physical strength + stamina , multi-limb coordination, basic oral and written comprehension, control precision and dexterity and arm-hand steadiness
  • Know how to reorganize, sort and classify
  • Packaging industry experience is not required. Alpine will provide training for new employees

Other Skills, Knowledge, Personal Attributes, Work Values & Styles Important to Succeed in this Position:

Job Task Planning and Organizing
Material Handlers receive assignments from Team Leaders thru the shift and plan how best to sequence tasks to meet deadlines. They may have to adjust these plans if new loads arrive from suppliers sooner than expected. Most activities are routine and follow established procedures. Some liaison with co-workers is needed to co-ordinate the movement of goods into and out of the facility.

Work Values
Individuals who will succeed in this position value providing service to others, working with co-workers in a friendly environment, and contributing to a safety conscious working environment

Work Styles
The following work styles are attributable to this function: attention to detail, accuracy, dependability, integrity, cooperation, self-control, stress tolerance, adaptability/flexibility, initiative, creative problem solver, and social orientation.

Oral Communication

  • Discuss and co-ordinate tasks with coworkers
  • Interact with Team Leaders, Office Staff and management to get direction and to problem solve
  • Speak with Front Office regarding material deliveries, inventory control, customer shipments

Working with Others
Material Handlers often work with a partner, although they may also work alone or independently. Partnering is important when moving heavy materials, when trying to load or unload trucks quickly, or when other material handling health and safety considerations demand it.

Future Skills Affecting Essential Qualifications:
The ability to demonstrate interest, motivation and aptitude regarding acquiring additional skill sets in order to enhance Plant flexibility and provide additional capacity when required would be considered a positive qualification and make a person’s application more likely to be selected.


Flexographic Press Operator

ALPINE PACKAGING is offering an immediate, full-time position for an experienced Flexo Printing Press Operator able to run a narrow web flexographic press for a custom manufacturer known for quick turnaround, high quality pressure sensitive labels and tapes.

The ideal candidate will be experienced and able to setup, qualify and print 2 to 6 color jobs on a variety of presses utilizing process and spot printing.

General Purpose

Setup, operate and maintain a multi-color Flexographic press (Mark Andy’s and Webtron press experience is a plus) using water-based inks. Manage all aspects of press performance including productivity, quality, housekeeping and basic maintenance. Qualified candidates must have flexographic press experience, excellent attendance and must have the ability to work in a team environment. Troubleshooting and adjusting as needed, maintaining proper speed, understanding and following customer requirements as noted on the work order and communicating with shift personnel and management regarding workflow, problems and schedule attainment are all Key Success Factors. Interested candidates must have the maturity and accountability to follow procedures and established protocol.

Only candidates that can pass a background check and drug screening will be considered.

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