Colored Poly Film & Anti-Static Poly Bags

Specialty Poly Bags
colored poly film

Colored Poly Film

Amber and assorted colored bags are ideal for color-coding recyclables, dairy crate liners, production materials and waste. Excellent for use manufacturing facilities, dairy industries, offices, restaurants and healthcare. This special-ordered film is available in a tint of color or opaque. The tint is slightly transparent, and allows the product to be seen through the colored film. The opaque blocks out the product from being visible.
Pink & Grey Anti-Static Polyethylene Bags
These bags protect sensitive items from damage due to static electricity, dirt and moisture and are easily identified during shipping and storage. These bags meet static decay requirements of Mil-B-81705B. Type II. Pink and grey Anti-static Polyethylene bags are available in standard open-ended or sheets.  

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