Flexible Packaging

Bottle wraps and label wraps applied without adhesive

Flexible packaging is comprised of varying polypropylene films, printed and applied without adhesive to make bottle wraps and label wraps.

Building on nearly 40 years of experience, Alpine Packaging sets itself apart by paying close attention to every customer’s needs, then going that extra step to collaborate on and improve your flexible packaging.

In our industry, competitive suppliers are easy to find. Partners in success are not. At Alpine, we strive to be your partner in success.

Flexible Packaging Made Affordable

Many small and mid-size manufacturers in need of flexible packaging find the solutions offered involve high minimum orders and excessive print runs. At Alpine, we’ve made the process more affordable using narrow web printing processes. Learn more on our Narrow Web Printing page.

Great packaging sells your product! We can meet your specifications with competitive solutions, or offer the affordable expertise of our packaging engineers in developing a premier customer/end user experience, the WOW that sells.

    • Color printing for flexible polypropylene packaging
    • Meets and exceeds the engineering specifications for your poly wraps
    • Represents your company well, providing the look and feel for a good customer/end user experience
    • Using BOPP wraps (balanced biaxially oriented polypropylene stock)

Incorporate your logo, product specifications and ingredients, marketing message, and more in your custom flexible packaging. Don’t have a logo? Our experienced design team will help prepare one for you, and our label and packaging engineers will make sure the specifications used are the right solution for your company and application desired.

Our goal is to help your company grow and succeed by developing a long term partnership that proves its value, year after year.