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Custom Printed Retail Labels
large flooring labels
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Large Labels are available in a variety of adhesives, sizes, shapes and label stocks.

If you are looking for a label that is larger than a standard size label, you have come to the right place. Alpine Packaging specializes in large labels for all types of requirement applications.  We produce large custom labels for various substrates, including large plastic or aluminum containers, steel drums, sample boards, glass windows, and a multitude of other unusual surfaces. 

Alpine’s large labels are printed on our UV InkJet digital press to ensure the highest quality while meeting your specific label needs.  Our  presses are capable of producing a label width up to 13 inches, and a variety of label lengths.  Alpine’s large labels are available with the same variety of finishes as our smaller labels, making them highly customizable.  Along with these finishes, we also supply a number of types of adhesives to meet your needs, including permanent, removable, repositionable, and all temperature. 

To learn more about our wide variety of large labels, request a quote today.  Our label engineers are ready to answer your questions and assist In designing a label to fit your needs.  

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