Hinge Labels

Custom Printed Retail Labels

Custom Printed Hinge Labels are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your needs.


Do you have a large amount of information that needs to be included on your product’s label, but not enough space on the packaging to properly display the information?  Hinge Labels can be used to help extend the information beyond the face of the label. 

Hinge labels have a top adhesive label that can be peeled back to show an extension of the label underneath.  Hinge labels use a special adhesive, allowing the top label to be resealed multiple times over the extended label underneath. These labels are predominantly used in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, industrial, scented products, and food and beverage industries.

Hinge Labels are best used for:

  • Providing instructions or health facts
  • Providing information in multiple languages
  • Extending content on smaller packaging
  • Promotions
  • Any additional content sections


 Press Play to see Hinge Labels in action!


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