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Custom Printed Janitorial Labels are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your needs.


Due to the nature of janitorial tasks and products, janitorial labels require the toughest label stocks and adhesives.  These labels need to be able to endure the harsh environment where the janitorial products will be used and adhere to the packaging itself, but it must also resist  the strong chemicals inside of the packaging.  Janitorial labels possess a thick coating of aggressive adhesive, allowing it to adhere to the packaging while ensuring that chemicals from the packaged cleaner will not reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive. 

Alpine Packaging has produced a number of cleaning supply labels, to include: all-purpose cleaners and multi-purpose cleaners, deodorizing cleaners, and degreasers. The disinfectant labels that Alpine has supplied are typically used on glass and plastic bottles for hand sanitizers, surface sprays, wipes, bleaches, and more.  Alpine has also converted labels for other janitorial products like glass cleaners, dish soaps, laundry detergents, bathroom cleaners, specialty cleaners, and spray bottles. 



Janitorial labels can be placed on various surfaces of packaging, to include plastic, glass, steel, cardboard, rubber, and polypropylene.  These labels are manufactured to be strong enough to adhere and last on most surfaces.  Alpine is capable of producing custom janitorial labels for varying sized containers, including  everything from small cannisters to gallon-sized jugs. 

To learn more about our wide variety of janitorial labels, request a quote today. Our label engineers are ready to answer your questions and help design a custom janitorial label to fit your needs. 


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