Tamper Evident Labels

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tamper evident labels

Tamper Evident Labels are available in a variety of adhesives, sizes, shapes and label stocks.

In the current climate of COVID-19, the necessity of freshness and cleanliness of products is at an all time high. Tamper Evident labels can be used to not only help seal products from their surrounding environments, but also gives its customer a sense of comfort that the product’s packaging has not been opened or tampered by anyone.    

Tamper Evident labels ensure product safety and deliver peace of mind to the customer that the product and its packaging has not been tampered with by anyone besides the actual supplier and packager of the product. These labels are used to seal the package, showing that no one unauthorized has opened it or contaminated the product inside. 

Tamper Evident labels can be used to seal any of the following: cardboard boxes, paper packages, Styrofoam boxes, bottle caps and lids, polypropylene, and plastic bags.  Tamper Evident labels are perhaps most commonly used for food packaging, specifically take-out containers. 

Our label engineers are here to help you design custom labels for your business in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Alternatively, we can offer a variety of pre-designed Tamper Evident labels for a quicker delivery. 

Help ensure the quality of your products and keep your customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and start your label inquiry today!


    tamper evident labels
    tamper evident labels

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