Chill Labels

Custom Printed Prime Labels

Chill Labels are available in a variety of sizes to meet your individual needs.

Alpine Packaging’s variety of innovative cold-temperature pressure sensitive adhesives are designed to meet the packaging needs of your cold-temperature products. These “Chill” labels are designed to adhere to irregular surfaces, and can be applied at freezing temperatures in wet environments. Alpine’s Chill Labels convert easily, adhere instantly, and stay in place. Chill labels deliver excellent performance and adhesion to a variety of cold packaging surfaces, including polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene, paper and corrugate.

These labels are commonly used in the packaging of beverages and frozen and refrigerated foods.

Common Chill Label Applications:

  • Frozen food packaging
  • Meat packaging
  • Ice cream & specialty desserts
  • Frozen novelty items
  • Frosty substrates
  • Wet or moist packaging
  • Dairy products
  • A variety of beverage products

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    Chill Labels

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