Industrial Parts Bags

Clear Unprinted Polyethylene Bags

Industrial Parts Bags are available in a variety of sizes to meet your individual needs.

Alpine’s heavy duty industrial parts poly bags are clear and durable, and are ideal for securing and packaging loose industrial material. The Industrial Parts Bag is available in heavier gauges to withstand sharp edges and are engineered to be durable for rugged handling. These parts bags come in a large variety of sizes and are weather resistant to keep your contents protected and dry. 

Industrial parts bags are used for a long list of products, but perhaps most commonly used as hardware bags, packaging everything from nails and screws to bolts and washers. 

Long Narrow Plastic Bags

We can accommodate especially long clear plastic bags and narrow plastic bag requirements for materials such as cables, hoses, and wires. All of our custom bags may be produced to meet your specific needs, including skinny long bags, medium wide long bags, and even as large as gaylord bags with lengths as long as 100+ inches! 

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