In-House Platemaking

At Alpine, we strive to remain at the forefront of digital platemaking technology, utilizing our Cyrel Digital Imager with HD Printing Plates and the Cyrel Fast® platemaking system by Dupont. Developed by DuPont, a global leader in flexographic technology, Cyrel Fast® empowers Alpine to meet its mission by offering our customers timely and cost effective results while maintaining superior quality control. Since its inception, Cyrel Fast® has allowed flexographic printing to compete head-to-head with traditional offset and gravure printing.  Because plate processing time is reduced by up to 300%, this Dupont Graphics system provides productive, economic, and quality advantages in label, poly bag, and flexible package printing.  With its dry thermal technology for plate development, Alpine’s platemaking process eliminates the need for solvents and aqueous washouts. Contact Alpine Packaging today to learn more.

Alpine Platemaking Features, using Dupont’s Cyrel Fast®

  • Just in time platemaking system.
  • Finished photopolymer plates in one hour or less.
  • Extremely rapid access time – thanks to thermal plate processing without drying.
  • Excellent ink transfer permits superior printing uniformity.
  • Higher durability for long print runs.
  • High exposure resolution results in better quality reproduction.
  • Image relief is clean and sharp.
  • Less preparation time on press.
  • Sharp dots for process printing.
  • Photopolymer plates up to 25″ X 30″

Greener Printing for a Greener Environment

For the benefit of Alpine customers, our “just in time” platemaking system produces a high quality finished plate in less than one hour.  For the benefit of the environment, our dry thermal process eliminates the use of solvents and aqueous washout solutions.  We recycle deleted plates and Cyrel scrap. Waste polymer is collected on a non-woven fabric and recycled, for a truly “green” printing process.  

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