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Pittsburgh Area Label Printing: A Success Story Made in the USA

Learn about Alpine’s state-of-the-art label printing technology, see our impressive facilities, and meet some of our stellar team in this informative video!

What Makes Alpine Different?

With 14 printing presses and 1500 die shapes, Alpine Packaging meets today’s “just-in-time” delivery requirements.  With the capability of printing pressure-sensitive label stock and flexible packaging films on 10”, 13”, and 7″ wide, and six color presses, Alpine continues to earn customer praise for both the results of our four-color process printing and the experience of our knowledgeable label engineers.

In 2017, we added a UV Inkjet Digital Printing Press that has allowed us to tap into new markets such as variable data and has grown our business by providing higher quality and faster delivery of labels to our customers.

Our state of the art platemaking system and dedicated graphic design team are ready to transform your concept into an effective, attention getting label. Our label engineers and friendly customer service team assist with all your printing requirements. At Alpine, labels are custom-made to your expectations.

Alpine’s FDA approved plain poly bags can wrap your hoagies, frozen foods or candy. Need a carton or drum liner? With a warehouse of poly film, Alpine can meet the custom size and strength requirements for your bags, sleeves and sheets.

Press About Alpine

Alpine Labels have been featured in Labels & Labeling Magazine.  In an article by Danielle Jerschefske, Alpine’s women owned status in an overwhelmingly male-dominated industry was examined, as well as Alpine’s ability to invest for the future and acquire business in markets seeking work with minority owned companies.

From the issue (June/July 2008): “A stable of Mark Andy presses are a key component in Alpine’s strong reputation for providing a quality product in short order.  Lehigh calls Alpine ‘a true just-in-time shop,’ and explains, ‘We can have customers call us in the morning – even with a new setup – and get the job out the door the same day, including platemaking.’”

You can learn more about Labels & Labeling Magazine at www.LabelsandLabeling.com.

Our Mission Statement

Alpine Packaging, Inc is committed to providing high quality customized packaging, continuity in superior service , and customer satisfaction in an employee-friendly environment with the utmost integrity.

Order after order, Alpine has provided us with the highest quality printing handled in a fast and friendly manner. I would highly recommend Alpine Packaging.
Tim Deily

Isaly's, Inc.

The History of Alpine Packaging

alpine packaging historyAt Alpine, we pride ourselves for offering every customer personalized service, knowing that friendly and responsive customer service is simply the other side of the coin when it comes to doing the job right. When you learn about our company history, it’s clear why customer service is central to everything Alpine Packaging does.

50 years ago, our label printing heritage began in our founder’s garage.  Bill Johnson landed a contract with 3M Company to print price marking labels used in Five-and-Dime stores.

Soon thereafter, Bill pounded the pavement and landed a major tire account.  For the next 15 years, he sold printed labels, tapes, cellophane and poly bags to major corporations across the United States.  And in the summer of 1972, Bill and his wife Sug Johnson established their own business known as Alpine Packaging to custom manufacture the products.

Alpine History Bill JohnsonThe manufacturing plant was built in the former parking lot of the Vogue Terrace Night Club and the Alpine Hotel.  The original 10,000 square foot building was used for the printing of tire labels and converting cellophane bags for the candy industry.

At the time, the technology used for printing was rather primitive.  The type was set-up with zinc letters and numbers, and transferred onto a rubber plate.  With only two label presses printing tire labels and one cellophane bag machine making candy bags, Alpine got by with a staff of only seven employees, albeit a big step up from Bill Johnson’s garage.

In time, the three Johnson children, Bobby, Jill, and Jan expressed interest in working for the family business, but Mom and Dad said they had to work somewhere else after completing college first.

Even so, all three had to start at entry level positions in order to learn the business of label making from the ground up.  It was a true family affair, with Bill and Sug going home for lunch (only a quick 7-minute drive) and bringing back lunch for the “kids.”  All five family members worked together for many years and enjoyed the great times of growing the business.

In 2007, Jill and Jan became the second generation co-shareholders and since then Alpine Packaging is certified as a Woman-Owned corporation.

Alpine Packaging Next Generation

Alpine Packaging The Next Generation

The Johnson family third generation is now part of Alpine’s ownership and operations which includes Jan’s two sons Chase and Chad Lehigh, Chad Lehigh. 

Chase is Alpine’s digital specialist and handles majority of the quotes and pricing for the business.  He  graduated from Miami University of Ohio in 2015, receiving his Bachelor of Science in marketing and minoring in entrepreneurship.

Chad is Alpine’s sales manger and provides input for the production process.  Chad also attended Miami University of Ohio, graduating in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in engineering management and a minor in paper science.  Both Chase and Chad have worked in most of the positions in production and customer service to attain a full understanding of the business.

With Jan’s sister, Jill Grunst retiring in 2021, Jan is pleased to be working together with her sons and is looking forward to her sons’ aspirations for growth of the family business and having a little fun too.

Commitment to Sustainability

Alpine Packaging follows eco-friendly processes to help protect the environment. Our waste removal costs were reduced significantly in 2016 by adding our comprehensive recycling program.

Alpine’s recycling program now includes plastic bottles as well as paper, corrugated boxes and aluminum cans. Learn more about our business’s green practices on our Sustainability page.


What’s New at Alpine Packaging

We are looking forward to adding an additional digital printing press that allows us to offer our customers an extensive color gamut as well as variable data to meet today’s competitive demands and challenges in the marketplace.  And based on requests from Alpine’s valued customers, Jan, her two sons and its talented management team are continuously exploring new equipment and technologies in order to better serve existing and new customers. 

Learn more on our Capabilities page, or contact Alpine Packaging today.

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