Craft Beer Label FAQs

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

What size labels are we able to produce?

Alpine has the capability to produce labels for all types of beer cans and bottles. Typically, cans are either 12 oz. or 16 oz. We recommend for the 12oz. cans to use a 3.75” X 8” sized label, and for 16 oz. cans a 5” X 8” sized label. Bottle label sizes usually depend on the customer’s preference.  If you require different sizes, just ask, as we have over 1,500 in-house custom sizes. 

What is the minimum amount you can order?

No minimum amount!  Just a minimum order value of $200 and you can combine multiple copies at the same size for better price breaks.  

What type of stock would you recommend?

The majority of our brewery customers request either dry or wet pressure-sensitive adhesive labels. Dry adhesive is recommended when labeling cans/bottles before filling, and wet adhesive for applications during the filling process.  Both adhesives are capable of withstanding canning/bottling temperatures to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.  For a better understanding on when to use wet labels and the advantages, visit our blog post regarding wet label application

What type of finish?

We can provide either a matte finish or a gloss lamination finish. The matte finish is the current look of the craft industry, which gives off a clean, flat look that helps define colors and make your bottle/can stand out.  The gloss lamination finish provides a protective shiny look with outstanding clarity to designs of the label. No need for lamination? Don’t worry as our UV inks are moisture and scratch resistance already! 

How will it be printed?

Beer labels are typically run on our UV Inkjet digital press, and then converted into die-cut labels on our in-house finisher. Our digital printing works great for customer’s experimental brews with short quantities, as well as, high quantity flagship brews to be able to combine copies for lower costs and fast turnaround times. Some other positives from digital printing are provided, here

How to supply artwork?

Artwork should be submitted as .ai, .pdf, .indd, jpeg, .psd, or .eps.  We would prefer that artwork be set in CMYK or with spot Pantone Colors assigned.  All graphics must be 1/16” from the edge of the label unless it will be bleeding off of the edge.  For full details on artwork, visit the link


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