Fiber/Steel Drum Labels

Custom Printed Industrial Labels
Fiber/Steel Drum Labels

Fiber/Steel Drum Labels are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, adhesives, and label stocks.

Fiber/Steel Drum Labels aid in identifying the drums in your facility, which contain chemical waste or other hazardous materials. OSHA mandates that drums containing dangerous or hazardous material must be easily identified as a hazard with a distinct warning label until the drum is emptied and properly cleaned. An aggressive adhesive bonds easily to plastic or steel drums, and is capable of enduring harsh environments and rough handling.

 Fiber/Steel Drum Labels are also critical in labeling hazardous materials for shipping, handling, and transportation. These labels notify anyone handling the containers of its contents so that appropriate safety precautions may be taken at each step of the transportation journey. In the event there is an accident or spill, these labels allow emergency responders to know how to clean up or appropriately evacuate the area. 

Alpine’s label engineers are are ready to help you design custom drum labels for your hazardous materials, and can provide resources for identifying the correct style labels for your particular needs.   

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