Have you ever wondered how label printing works?

We’ll show you! Check out the video of how we print labels at Alpine Packaging: This video shows the printing of a 4 color, laminated label for plastic half-gallon iced tea bottles.

First, the printing plate is mounted onto the printing cylinder. This printing plate is for the black ink on the label. A loupe, which is a magnifier, is used to ensure the plate is lined up correctly on the printing cylinder. Once the cylinder is ready, it is inserted into the printing machine to print the black ink.

An ink tray is inserted, and the ink moves from the tray onto the plate to be transferred to the label itself. You can see the colors that have already been printed on the label: orange, yellow, and red.

Finally, clear polypropylene is used to laminate the labels to protect the ink and give the labels that “pop” that make them stand out on the shelves.

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