We are well into February, and that means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Since love is on the mind, we thought we’d share some of our favorite ways to add Valentine’s Day labels to your packaging, envelopes, and products.

To/From Labels

If your products are gift-worthy, consider adding festive Valentine’s-themed to/from labels to your packaging. Not only will your product stand out on shelves, it requires no wrapping by the person delivering the gift. That’s a win for your both your business and your customer.

Custom Poly Bag Labels

Create a sweet message to spice up your poly bag packaging. Ideal for sweet treats, a “Be Mine” or “Made with Love” label adds a personal touch while embracing the holiday of love.

For baked goods (like bread), consider a label with a fun play on words like “I loaf you” or “somebody loaves you”.

Simply stick these labels on the packaging as needed, and give your cookies, candy, and other products new meaning!

Bottle Labels

Give new meaning to your drink packaging, and add custom Valentine’s Day labels to your sodas, beers, and other drinks.  Beer labels that say “I love you beery much,” “hoppy Valentine’s Day,” or “will you beer my Valentine” are fun and festive.

For a twist on other drinks, try “Love Potion Number Wine,” or “I think you’re soda sweet.”

Food Labels

Create custom labels that play up the feelings of Valentine’s Day. Change up your sauce labels with “You’re awesome sauce,” or enhance your jelly labels with “You’re my jam.”

Packaging and Return Address Labels

Add some red and pink to your shipping labels and embellish with a fun design or Valentine’s Day-themed saying.

The options for adding a little Valentine’s Day love to your labels and packaging are endless. For more packaging and label inspiration, visit our website. Ready to create your custom Valentine’s Day Labels? Submit a request for quote!

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