At Alpine Packaging, we pride ourselves on being a family business. But to us, family does not just refer to our parents who started the business or the siblings that continue to build and innovate the company. The employees that make Alpine a successful company are critical to the running of the business and the enjoyment we get from a close-knit and supportive work environment. Over the last three decades in business, we have come to appreciate our employees as family. As a result, Alpine is a workplace and community for its employees. We care and respect each other as we support each other in our professional and personal lives.   It is with this love for our Alpine family that we pay tribute to one of our beloved employees, Deborah Adams, who passed away this past month. Deborah was a loyal employee and friend at Alpine for 23 years. As such, she became an integral part of our lives at Alpine and a dearly loved colleague. Most of our employees have worked at Alpine for over 20 years, and Deb was no exception. We worked together closely during busy and slow periods in the business, through personal triumphs and crises. She was an indispensible part of the Alpine team and a wonderful person.   Deb was diagnosed with lung cancer in May of 2013. And while we knew that our time with Deb was limited, we were never ready for her to pass. Looking back at those last few months with Deb, we are thankful to have made the time to visit her on weekends, and drive her to doctor appointments. Deb was an incredibly special person—not just to a few, but to everyone at Alpine.   In support of Deb, her co-workers at Alpine successfully raised over $3,825 to help her family manage deductibles and co-pays while she was being treated for lung cancer. Deb was part of our family and was treated as such with support and love during a difficult time. She was the employee that everyone loved—co-workers and customers alike. We will miss her dearly but will not forget what an important role she played in our lives. We would like to thank her for her dedication to Alpine and her friendship over the last 23 years.

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