Business logo labels offer a variety of uses – from promotional swag to business mailing labels – there are a number of ways you can put your business logo to work. You have spent many man-hours brainstorming, designing, and drafting your business’s logo, and while logos are expected to be found on your product’s packaging and in ads, don’t be limited by its use. Here are five ways you can use business logo labels to reach more customers.

Bumper Stickers

One of the cheapest, most effective methods of advertising is bumper stickers. Easily distributed, bumper stickers adorned with your business’s logo can be placed on cars and in a variety of other locations. Bumper stickers get a ton of mileage, and have the potential to be seen by eyes around the world. It is easy to skip over an ad in a magazine to get to the article you are interested in – it is not so easy to avoid noticing the bumper of the car in front of you when sitting in traffic or at a red light.

Address Labels

It can be expensive to create custom packaging and envelopes with your business’s return address and logo. If you are on a budget, think about having address labels printed, which are inexpensive and can easily be affixed to any package or envelope. Your business’s address labels should not only include your business’s name and address, but also your logo. Adding your logo to your address label encourages brand recognition and adds an attractive design element to an otherwise boring label.


Create custom logo stickers to pass out at events, in stores, and during promotions. The possible uses and placement for stickers is endless, and offers inexpensive advertising wherever they are seen. Today, it is not uncommon for people to decorate their laptops, water bottles, and phone cases – among other things – with stickers from their favorite brands.


Promote your brand by creating custom business decals. Think about how window decals, floor decals, and wall decals might work for your product. If you have a store, window decals can bring brand awareness and enhance curb appeal, while wall and floor decals are sure to grab the attention of anyone in the room without causing any damage to the space. Decals can also be used in other public spaces, or in vehicle windows for more broad exposure.

Custom Food and Drink Labels

Create custom business logo labels to be placed on food or drink packaging. Whether you sell cookies or are handing out water bottles at an event, food and drink labels are inexpensive and can be easily applied to any packaging.

Regardless of the size or mission of your company or brand, business logo labels can be used to spread brand awareness at a low cost. To learn more about how our label engineers can help you design custom logo labels for your business, request a quote today!

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