The wine and spirits beverage category can be very challenging for new wineries and distillers. Consumers have numerous brands and styles to choose from in a variety of shopping environments, including liquor stores, grocery stores, and gas stations. How can you make sure your wine or spirit stands out?

Your beverage’s label is a powerful tool you should utilize effectively to capture the consumer’s attention and encourage them to pick your product off a shelf with countless other choices. Here are a few design tips for your wines and spirits that you should prioritize to make your labels stand out.

Brand Discovery

Brand discovery is an important part of purchasing wine and spirits. Consumers often browse the shelves and are in a uniquely open position to try new brands and flavors if the bottle looks enticing. Use your label to communicate your brand’s story, whether that includes information about your location, inspiration, founders, or processes. These can be communicated through clever catch phrases, imagery, or how you name your beverages. You could even make your label interactive, including a QR code that a consumer could scan with their phone to visit your website where you can elaborate on what makes your company one-of-a-kind.

Custom Red Wine LabelCrisp Colors and Images

With so much visual competition on the shelves, high quality printing is essential for wine and spirits labels. Bright colors, legible text, and beautiful imagery can help catch the consumer’s eye and keep them interested enough to read your label and choose your product. Consider using full color images, such as the pink roses in the Rosé wine label pictured above, spot colors on an otherwise black and white or monochromatic label, or interesting original artwork.

Different types of label stocks are another way to add visual interest, such as textured paper or natural brown stock. Just be sure that your printing quality does not suffer because of your label stock.

Unique Embellishments

There are so many ways to add unique embellishments to your wine and spirits bottles. First, think beyond the traditional label around the bottom of the bottle. The neck is an ideal place to add additional accents, including your logo, colors, or more information about your beverage.

You could also consider die cuts or adding a unique shape to your label, including rounded or angled edges.

Choose The Perfect Label Material

Choosing a label material is like selecting a canvas for your masterpiece. When it comes time to pick your label material, you’ll need to consider what fits best for both your design and your wine or spirits’ product.

Waterproof materials with a hi-gloss or matte lamination are the optimum choices for wines that will be served chilled. These materials keep labels looking flawless in any condition, and their versatility is endless. Choose a clear material to let the wine speak for itself, or go for a metallic label to take it to the next level; either of these materials can elevate even the simplest of designs.

Shape and Size

The most common wine label shape is a rectangle as it allows for more design space and easily wraps around the bottle.  However, other shapes such as round, oval, diamond, or even a custom shape can add a unique touch to your product.

Label Stock Choices

Alpine Packaging offers a vast array of label stock materials to choose from to showcase your product.  There is a wide variety of options that are eye-catching including coated, textured, and metalized papers and films.  Holographic and foil label faces are also available if you are looking to make a bold statement with your wine or spirits’ label.

Choose the Right Wine and Spirits Label Printer

Finding the right label printing partner is the final and most important piece of the puzzle. With our capabilities, Alpine is prepared to work with wineries, vintners, and distillers of all sizes. Our graphics team will help bring your label vision to life with custom designs. Our digital and flexographic printing presses can handle small jobs for brand new batches all the way up to large runs for established companies.

Contact us today to get started on creating your stunning wine and spirits labels.

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