Industrial strength labels are specifically designed to offer uncompromised durability and long-lasting wear. Designed and manufactured to sustain brutal conditions and unusual surfaces, industrial labels are often used for everything from car batteries and tire to static cling labels and chemical warning labels. Because industrial and aggressive adhesive labels can be used for a wide variety of needs, Alpine Packaging specializes in custom labels, so that your business can create labels to meet your specific needs.

Here, we’ve described some of our most popular industrial custom labels, and their uses.

Aggressive Adhesive Labels

Aggressive adhesive labels feature an extra-sticky adhesive, which easily grips to nearly any surface. Most commonly used for drum and tire labels, aggressive adhesive labels won’t slip, slide or easily peel off of steel, metal, and even rubber tire treads.

Battery Labels

Battery labels are an important indicator showing when the battery was issued. Because motor vehicle batteries endure extreme conditions, including hot temperatures, durable labels that will not only stay put but remain readable are essential. Customize your battery labels and punch out the month and year to show the age of the battery.

Warning Labels, D.O.T Labels, and GHS Labels

When it comes to chemicals, hazardous materials, and potentially dangerous or explosive materials, a clear, easy-to-read label is essential for employee and customer well-being. Make sure to choose labels that not only aggressively adhere to the surface it will be placed on, but will last long periods of time under harsh conditions.

While Alpine delivers custom Warning, D.O.T., and GHS labels to meet any business’s needs, we also recognize that many of these labels require standardized pictograms, precautionary statements, signal words, colors, and other elements required by federal and state regulations. By delivering consistent labels with these standardized elements, you can be sure that your labels are communicating a clear safety message to your employees or customers.

Place these labels on boxes, crates, drums, and more.

Fiber and Steel Drum Labels

OSHA mandates that any drums containing hazardous materials are properly labeled until the drum is properly emptied and cleaned. Make sure your facility’s drums are properly labeled with industrial custom labels.

Static Cling Labels

Ideal for temporary applications, static cling labels are long-lasting, easy to remove and re-useable. You may want to consider static cling labels for any surfaces that are smooth and nonporous (like glass). Because static cling labels stick to smooth surfaces using static electricity, there’s never any adhesive used and no chance for a sticky residue to be left behind.

Some of the most common uses of static cling labels include the oil change window sticker found on your car’s windshield, or a storefront advertisement. The possibilities are virtually endless.


Tapes can be customized to meet any number of your business’s needs – and come in a variety of colors and widths. Tape is different from labels in that labels have liner paper, while tape does not. Identify cables, wires or hoses, or seal any number of products. Additionally, tape can be used for shipping and warehouse needs, display, pricing, and much more.

To learn more about how our label engineers can help your business design and manufacture custom strong labels, request a quote today!

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