Born and raised in Pittsburgh? Then you likely have your very own Pittsburgh Dad. You know the man – the one that screams at the television, makes you redd up the living room, and loses his temper going through the Fort Pitt Tunnel traffic.

But for those who don’t have Pittsburghese running through their veins, the hit YouTube sensation “Pittsburgh Dad” has forever immortalized blue-collar life in western Pennsylvania. And we must admit, they’ve nailed it.

One of Pittsburgh Dad’s most popular idioms is “3, 2, 1… Win!”, famously announced as a Steeler game concludes. The phrase became so popular that it regularly trends on Twitter; and now… it’s a beer. What more could a Pittsburgh dad ask for?!

The new 3-2-1 Pittsburgh Dad Beer is produced right here in Pittsburgh, and just around the corner from our headquarters in North Versailles by Full Pint Brewing. Having worked with Full Pint in the past to produce labels for other batches, we were elated to be awarded the label order for a beer the embodies everything ‘Burgh.

In obvious black and gold colors, Pittsburgh Dad sits in his La-Z-Boy with beer and terrible towel in hand. Want the details on the brew? As the label proclaims, “You don’t need to know what’s in it. It’s beer, just drink it! No, you kids can’t have none! This is an adult drink. You got pop down in the basement”.  It just doesn’t get anymore ‘Burgh than that. Want to learn more about 321 Beer and where you can grab a bottle or a case? Be sure to check out Full Pint Brewing’s website, and follow these guys on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy!


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