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Safe Handling Bags

Printed Polyethylene Bags
safe handling bags

Safe Handling Bags are available in a variety of sizes.

Safety, as well as effective shipping and handling of many raw food products is dependent on following appropriate procedures that are printed on Safe Handling Bags. These bags caution employees and the public about particular requirements for food product storage, preparation, and health awareness. Safe handling bags are typically used in a retail environment and feature printed instructions for the proper handling and cooking of meat. Alpine’s safe handling bags can be custom printed on one side, and our clear polyethylene film is FDA approved, in compliance with all regulations for food application.

Please note these capabilities when ordering your safe handling bags:

Printing – We are able to print on one side of the poly bag.

Dimensions – The maximum poly bag width is 10 inches, and we are capable of producing any length. 

To learn more and receive a quote on your custom safe handling Poly Bags, please select the Start My Inquiry button.


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