Magnetic Labels

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Magnetic Labels

Magnetic Labels are available in a variety of sizes.

Magnetic labels are useful in warehouse, industrial, and office settings. They are easily removable and reusable, making it simple to organize warehouse stock, inventory, and client files. With replaceable magnetic labels, you can identify the contents of steel shelves, storage bins, office supplies, filing cabinets and desk organizers.

Save time and money by cutting down on label reprints and paper label removal after reorganizing or moving. Reduce waste and allow for greener operations with reusable magnets that move with your office and products.

Simplify your warehouse labeling with moveable bar code magnets, RFID tagged magnets, rack load magnets, and product label magnets. Make your own custom design with product information, warning messages, colored images, or company logos. Choose your design or let our in-house art department help develop the magnets for you.

Custom sizes and colors are available to meet your needs. Make hazards and warnings stand out with bright colors and large sizes, or fit small steel shelving units with narrow magnetic labels. The strong multi-pole magnetization patterns of our magnets ensure that they will stay where they are placed, without shifting or falling off when touched.

Don’t worry about your labels getting warped or damaged in humid warehouse environments. Magnetic labels are extremely durable, and are able to withstand high levels of moisture in the air while remaining easy to read and scan. For refrigerated or heated storage facilities, magnetic labels can withstand cold temperatures down to -40°F and hot temperatures up to 170°F.

Additional warehouse end uses include: appliance labels, circuit breaker charts, emergency contact numbers, reminders, and instructions.

All of our magnetic labels are proudly made in the USA.

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