The holiday season is in full swing, and if you’re looking for some last-minute gift packaging and labeling ideas, you’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite gift packaging and labeling ideas that can be applied whether you’re a business selling products or just looking for creative ways to personalize gifts this year.

Custom “To” and “From” Labels

If you’re a business, adding a “to” and “from” label makes your product easy to gift – no wrapping required! Shoppers won’t think twice about grabbing your ready-to-gift item from the shelf.

For individuals, having pre-printed “to” and “from” labels can save you the trouble of writing this information on your gifts and handmade goods. Whether you apply the label directly to the gift, or wrap it first, you’ll save time and add a thoughtful, festive touch.

“To” and “from” labels can easily be applied to nearly any product, regardless of packaging. From baked goods and gift baskets, to soaps and candles, these labels offer a touch of personalized convenience during the busiest time of year.

Scratch and Sniff Labels

Is there any time of year that delivers more delectable scents than the holidays? We think not. Play up these scents and the emotions they evoke with scented labels. Ideal for perfumes, candles, soaps, bath bombs, products made with essential oils, and much more, scratch and sniff labels allow shoppers to experience the scent of a product before they gift it.

For handmade gifts, a scratch and sniff label is a fun and unique addition and adds a professional touch!

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging can be used to package a variety of foods and products – the options are nearly endless. FDA-approved poly bags can be designed to safely package your baked goods, candies, popcorn, and other edible items for distribution.

If you have other handmade goods, they too can be easily packaged. Flexible packaging offers protection for your gift or product, and delivers an improved experience for the recipient or customer.

If a clear poly bag doesn’t do your gift or product justice, look for custom-printed bags, which can feature certain designs, images, or text to bring your gift to life.

Seal the Deal

Think about ways to tie your gift together – literally. Tis the season for wrapping paper, bows, and ribbons.  The final presentation of your gift can be as simple as a “to” and “from” sticker, as complex as professional packaging with seasonal labels and ribbons, or something in between.

If your gift or product is colorful or features a busy packaging design, we suggest keeping seasonal extras simple and pleasing to the eye. Twine is a fantastic option for adding some simple interest to a handmade gift and its packaging.  

Here at Alpine Packaging, we can meet all of your custom holiday gift packaging needs. Start an inquiry today!

Happy gifting!