With the explosion of ecommerce, consumers are constantly inundated with multiple options for all of their purchase decisions. Packaging design is an essential part of your brand’s marketing mix that cannot be overlooked; along with product quality, packaging can be a very important factor in helping shoppers decide whether to continue buying from your company or switch to another competitor. Keep reading to learn how packaging design affects how consumers see and interact with your product, and how to encourage customers to keep coming back for more.

Clear Messaging Builds Trust

Communicating your product’s features in simple language, legible fonts, and easy to read color combinations will both help attract new customers and establish a relationship of trust with your existing base. Try placing the most meaningful messages and possibly key ingredients on the front of the package to project an air of honesty and transparency. If a customer finds truth in your packaging and likes and trusts the results of one product, this can encourage them to branch out to other offerings from your product line.

Convenient Packaging Design Meets Consumers’ Needs

Beyond what your packaging says, you must also consider how it will be used and in what environment. Consider consumer lifestyles while you are conducting market research or planning the packaging design: will people use this item on the go or in their homes, where will it be stored, should it be recyclable, etc. These questions will help you design convenient containers that meet the needs of the consumer, assuring they are easy to open, packaged in appropriate amounts, and are available in useful shapes. When your box or bottle fits in a drawer or shelf better than anyone else’s, you are likely to have yourself a loyal customer.

Varying Quantities Generate Repeat Purchases

Many consumers like to stick with one brand and remove the hassle of choosing a new product each time they buy, as is evidenced by the success of subscription services across many industries. When you make it easy for shoppers to restock your items without having to think about it, you are streamlining their shopping process and making their lives more convenient. If applicable to your product type, you can translate this into packaging design by offering multi-packs or bulk options.

Adaptable Designs Keep the Brand Looking Fresh

As a brand, you want your customers to trust you, enjoy using your products, and continue to buy from you over and over again. You definitely don’t want consumers to think you are stale or behind the times. Simple updates to packaging designs can go a long way to freshen up your image. Seasonal or event-based packaging keeps up with trends. Variations are easy to accomplish with digital printing capabilities that allow for smaller print runs and quick turnaround times.

Alpine Packaging offers both flexographic and digital printing presses to meet all of your needs, whether you are a small company just starting out or an established manufacturer distributing products all over the country. Our in-house art department and team of label engineers are always ready to help you create the ideal packaging design for your custom poly bags, labels, and flexible packaging. If you’re ready to get started, request more information today!

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