The nutraceutical industry has boomed in the last ten years, thanks to the increasing popularity of health awareness. Derived of the terms “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical,” nutraceutical products are usually defined in three categories: dietary supplements, nutricosmetics, and functional food and beverage. As an example, both probiotics and medical-grade anti-wrinkle creams are popular forms of nutraceuticals.

Nutraceutical products are typically the result of long-term research, where products are developed specifically with health-conscious consumers in mind. Because these consumers are willing to invest in their long-term health and wellness, these products generally come at a higher price point. As such, the brand’s credibility is paramount to the consumer’s purchase decision, and well thought out packaging design for each product is critical.

Nutraceutical products make up a unique niche, and the packaging should reflect the product’s mission without being overwhelming. Here, we have put together a list of helpful nutraceutical packaging ideas to help you design, brand, and produce packaging that will earn the consumer’s trust.

Avoid Looking Like a Pharmaceutical Product

Nutraceuticals are health and wellness products that should target consumers willing to spend more for well-researched holistic products. Packaging that mirrors pharmaceutical product packaging will certainly be a turnoff for shoppers in this category.

Consider Unique Nutraceutical Packaging Requirements

Often, nutraceutical products require unique packaging considerations – like tamper-evident, temperature sensitive, or childproof safeguards. Making sure your products are packaged with the necessary safety features will ensure product and brand integrity.

Don’t Forget Aesthetics

Think about where your products will be sold – spas, natural grocery stores, or other specialty retail stores – and cater to your audience. Your packaging should be simple, with fresh or natural colors and clean design. Your product’s packaging will tell the story of your company, and ultimately influence consumers’ final buying decision.

Your nutraceutical product will be competing with other high-end products, so standing out is essential. Think about enhanced label design techniques, like paper foil, antique coatings, or embossing.

Be Environmentally Conscious – And Show It!

As many as 52% of consumers worldwide make their purchase decisions based (at least in part) on whether the packaging shows that the brand makes a positive social and environmental impact. Nutraceutical consumers are especially likely to be concerned with the environment, since their interest lies in natural products.

Do not be afraid to talk about what your brand does for the environment on your packaging –reducing waste, and using organic and/or recycled materials in your packaging is worth mentioning!

Ask Your Supplier for Nutraceutical Packaging Ideas

It’s important to work with a packaging supplier that you can trust to not only deliver timely and quality service, but one that can also provide durable, safe, and trustworthy packaging for your nutraceutical products. Don’t be afraid to ask for their input and expertise. 

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