Alpine Packaging and Colteryahn Dairy are both family-owned businesses with roots in the Pittsburgh area. In order to celebrate that western Pennsylvania love, Colteryahn has developed a line of beverages called “Burgh Teas.” Alpine is proud to print the labels for “The Burgh 50/50 Iced Tea Lemonade,” which features pictures from parks throughout Allegheny County.

County Executive Rich Fitzgerald told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “This is a way in which this company will promote our parks for us, without any cost for the taxpayer.”

Read the full Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article here.

Read the County of Allegheny press release here.

The labels highlight pictures of the North Park Boathouse, Round Hill Park, Hartwood Acres Mansion, South Park Wave Pool, and the Boyce Park Ski slopes. They also include a $2 coupon for admission to Allegheny County parks and activities.

We are happy to be a part of the Pittsburgh community and take part in promoting the wonderful resources available in the area.

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