Autumn is in the air – and that means it’s the season of scents. Fall is the season of pumpkin and spice – and everything nice. Whether you sell scented candles, soaps, or lotions – we’ve rounded up some of our favorite fall label inspiration and tips for designing labels that will stand out on the shelf. 


For a number of products (such as air fresheners, candles, lotions, and soaps) scent is the money-maker – but how do you get a customer to pick up the item to give it a whiff in the first place? Good label design is the first step in getting your product the attention it deserves. A good label is easy to read, conveys your brand, and most importantly, reflects the scent of the item – using both imagery and descriptions. 


Materials Matter


It’s important to consider the type of container or packaging you’ll use for your product. Is it a glass container? Metal? Plastic? The material and the color of the container will have an impact on the type of label you choose, as well as that color of the label. As an example, we love clear containers with understated (but easy-to-read) labels for candles – allowing the color of the wax itself to be the focal point.


Scented Product Label Design


Keeping the label simple but elegant delivers an upscale, spa-like experience for many scented products. We suggest simple text and eye-pleasing art combined with a clear or neutral color label background. For colored candles and soaps, think about how you can use colors that compliment the color of the wax or soap without being overpowered by it. (We suggest checking out a color wheel for some complimentary color ideas.) 


Get creative with the shape of your labels. Your labels can be designed to fit your container perfectly, or stand out with a unique cut. Choosing a unique silhouette for your label helps your product to stand out against the competition. 


Coordinate Colors & Scents


Coordinating colors and scents is just as straightforward as it sounds – choose colors that mirror the scents in the product. A pumpkin spice candle should probably feature some orange imagery or text, while apple orchard lotion will likely feature some red in its label design. Similarly, we suggest that a lavender soap label will contain some purple elements – even if that’s as simple as a purple water-colored lavender flower. The colors on your product’s label speak volumes about the scent of the product. 


Scratch and Sniff


Take your scented product to the next level with scratch and sniff labels. These labels are manufactured using unique microencapsulated essential oils, allowing shoppers to simply scratch the label and experience the scent of the product. These are especially useful for air fresheners and other products that may not be opened prior to purchase. 


Warnings, Directions, & Ingredients


Don’t forget the less-exciting elements of your product label. Depending on the product, you may need to disclose ingredients, warnings, and/or directions for use. It is important to consider these details before designing your labels, since that information can take up precious label real estate. 

Our label engineers are ready to help you design beautiful labels for your scented products. Tell us more about your product(s) here!