The unboxing experience sets the tone for the product to be found inside the package. Going the extra mile and including thoughtful details in your product’s packaging says a lot about your business and your dedication to quality and detail. 

Here are some ideas for customizing holiday-themed packaging that will build brand awareness and create a themed unboxing experience for your customers. 


Custom Stickers

Stickers can be both functional and decorative, and add a festive touch to any packaging. Stickers can be customized to meet your needs, and can be used during the holiday season, then easily switched out for another design when the holidays are over. Stickers can simply function as labels with valuable product information, or add Limited Holiday Edition details. Alternatively, stickers can work to actually seal the product’s packaging. Stickers allow you to add seasonal details without having to make major design changes to your packaging. 


Handwritten Notes

Have you ever ordered a product, and found a handwritten thank you note when you unboxed your product? This personal touch certainly goes a long way in making customers feel valued and recognized, especially during the busy, often stressful holiday season. Adding a handwritten “thank you for your purchase” note will set your brand apart this holiday season.


Die Cut Inserts

Die-cut inserts are a simple way to add interest to your packaging. Easily cut into shapes like trees, santa hats, snowflakes, and stars, die-cut inserts are a creative way to add festive cheer to your product’s packaging. Die-cut inserts can also be used inside a product’s box to secure the product in place and reduce movement during transit.        


Consistent Branding

Though adding seasonal packaging can be eye-catching and differentiate your product during the holidays, it’s important to maintain consistent branding that carries your branding elements through all seasons of the year. Your brand’s colors, logo, and name should be recognizable in order to encourage repeat business. 

We like the idea of including holiday imagery while still incorporating your logo and signature brand coloring in an effort to ensure your packaging is identifiable and reflects your brand identity. 


Clear Packaging Shows off the Product

Let your product speak for itself with clear packaging. Clear poly bags for candy, popcorn, cookies, or other baked goods are a simple way to show off your product.  These bags can be sealed with twist ties, branded stickers, or ribbon, are FDA approved for food products, and are durable enough to protect your products. 

In conclusion, the holidays are a fun time to dress up your packaging with a festive twist – but staying true to your brand will keep your product relevant year-round. Contact us today to learn how Alpine Packaging can help you achieve your packaging goals!