It’s December, and that means it’s time to kick your holiday packaging and labeling into high gear. If you haven’t already thought about how to make your products stand out this holiday season, we are here to help. Keep reading for holiday label design ideas using color, QR codes, and unique branding to make your products season-ready.

Seasonal Colors with a Twist

The color of a product’s packaging is one of the most influential factors in consumer purchasing behavior. It takes only seconds for most consumers to decide which brand product they’ll pick from the shelf, so designing packaging that is pleasing to the eye and communicates the right message is essential. We recommend starting with the basic and most tried-and-true holiday color combinations (like red, green, and metallics), then differentiate your product by adding a pop of color that can be associated with your brand. This can be tricky, as you don’t want colors to clash or overwhelm the buyer. To make sure your product’s packaging and labels stand out without being overwhelming, you might choose to use only red, green, or metallic – or some combination of the three- on your packaging, but not all of them. Then add your signature pop of color, which should compliment your chosen holiday colors. If you need to, play with different shades of green and red – for example, maybe a bright green better compliments the color palette you’d like to use than a forest green. For a modern and clean twist, consider using plenty of “winter white” and other neutrals on your packaging as a part of your color combination. If you’re unsure what colors would best suit your brand and products for the holiday season, contact our expert label design engineers for guidance.

Connect with QR Codes

QR codes make an excellent way to encourage shoppers to connect with your brand’s digital media. Easily printed on your packaging and labels, QR codes can be scanned using a smartphone, and can connect the user to your website, social media, a dedicated landing page, online coupon, video, or other digital media. QR codes are not only a great way to engage shoppers, but also allow you to track and evaluate potential buyer interest.

Unique Holiday Branding

To and From Labels: Gift-giving is paramount during the holiday season, making it a prime opportunity to make your products more “giftable”. Simply adding a printed “to and from” label that matches the product’s branding allows you to remind shoppers that your product is the perfect gift. The attractive holiday colors and the convenient to/from label mean that your buyer won’t even need to wrap your product before gifting it to someone else. Big, Bold Logos: Make your labels work for you. Chose bold, colorful fonts to create a logo for your business that stands out. When your product clearly communicates your brand, the purchaser, the person who receives the gift, and anyone in between will take note. Matching Mailers: If you are shipping products to consumers, add big, branded shipping labels to your package. When mail packaging matches the product packaging inside, consumers get a double-dose of branding. Additionally, consumers won’t help but notice the increased coordination and professionalism your business delivers. To execute any of these, or other holiday packaging ideas, contact our dedicated design engineers today!

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