Now that you’re canning and/or bottling your beer, it’s time to get those containers labeled. Beer labels not only tell the consumer about the beer inside, but should also be a reflection of your brand. Quality beer labels should stand up to harsh elements and handling without sacrificing memorable and vivid design elements. Learn more about beer label types, and how to choose the best match for your container and beer product.

As you embark on the search for the perfect label types for your beer, it’s important to first understand the types of beer containers.

Beer Cans 

Aluminum beer cans come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. These include the standard 12-oz, the flat-top steel 12 oz, 12-oz slim can, 16-oz pint can, 8.4-oz can, and the 32-oz “crowler.” Can labels come in standard sizes for max coverage, or you may choose a size unique to your brand that may expose more of the aluminum can. Beer labels also come in a variety of stocks and finishes including: white, metallic, and clear stock with matte or gloss finishes. White is the most standard stock, while metallic stock is best used for giving a subtle, reflective pop to an aspect of your label.   Clear beer can labels can offer a look that gives the appearance of a printed can and/or uses the reflective qualities of the aluminum can to create metallic effects on the label.


Beer Bottles

Beer bottles also come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and colors. These options include 12-oz bottles, 16-oz bottles, the 22-oz “bomber,” 24-oz bottles, and 40-oz bottles. Shapes vary widely, and may include long or short necks. Glass bottles are typically clear, brown, or green, and aluminum bottles may come in a range of colors (think Budweiser). The same stocks and finishes for beer cans are also available for your beer bottle labels as well. Use the metallic stock when you want a reflective label that stands out and the clear beer bottle labels if you are looking for a clean transitional look from label to bottle.

Not sure if beer bottling or beer canning is right for your business? Learn more about beer canning vs beer bottling here



Growlers are growing in popularity among the craft brewing scene, allowing people to fill up a jug-like glass container that may be 32-oz, 64-oz, or even 128-oz. and take it “to-go.” This is especially beneficial for small breweries who don’t bottle or can their beers, allowing their customers to take beer to-go. Growlers are most commonly fitted with white or clear growler labels with a laminate making it easy to mark the name, type, ABV, and fill date on each growler individually.


Beer Kegs

Beer kegs are hooked up to a tap to serve beer into a glass (or fill a growler or crowler!) and offer a wealth of opportunity for labels, stickers, and beer keg collars – making them a powerful marketing tool.  Beer kegs can be fitted with white, metallic, or clear keg labels, keg collar labels, and branded stickers making them as unique as you like, depending on your preference and brand.

Here at Alpine, we work with breweries of every size to create custom, professional labels for a variety of beer containers. Tell us how we can help you stand out from the competition with eye-catching beer labels.