In Part 1 of our “Finding A Label Supplier” series, we discussed how your label supplier may offer guidance & design services, and talked about the wide variety of label shapes, sizes, and printer limitations, as well as considerations for small and large runs. In Part 2, we discussed applying your labels in special and unique circumstances. 

In Part 3 of our series, we talk about the common types of label adhesives and options for applying your labels. Every business has unique needs and environments, and choosing the right adhesive and application process for your products will ensure efficient business operations and long-lasting quality.


Label Adhesives

Did you know that there are different adhesives depending on the material and surface the label needs to adhere to, and how permanent the label needs to be? You’ll need to decide whether your label needs to be reposiitional, permanent, or somewhere in between. Application temperature and service temperature will also play a critical role in determining your adhesive and application options. 

Our useful application chart was designed to help you understand these options:


Adhesive Types

Applying Your Label

Label application typically occurs in-house, or wherever your products are packaged. In some cases this may mean your staff is handling the labeling process, you have automatic labeling equipment, or it may mean an outsourced company with the appropriate equipment applies your labels. There are plenty of options when it comes to applying your labels to your products, and how this task is handled varies widely across industries. As an example – some breweries apply their own labels, while others hire a bottling/labeling company that comes to their site with a canning or bottling line and the appropriate equipment to place the labels on to the cans or bottles.   


How Alpine Can Help Your Business

Our state of the art platemaking system and dedicated and knowledgeable graphic design team are ready to transform your concept into an effective, attention-grabbing label. Our label engineers and friendly customer service team assist with all your printing requirements, and labels are always custom-made to your expectations.

Tell us about your label needs, and we’ll help you find the right solution.