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How can Alpine Packaging help your organization gain recognition and accomplish your fundraising goals with labels? When it is back to school time many students become involved in clubs, sports and field trips, which usually means fundraisers. If you are looking for a few new and creative ways to earn the funds your group needs, look no further. Here are a few of our favorite ideas using custom labels and beverage bottle wraps for your next fundraiser.

Water Bottles

Selling water bottles at any sporting or outdoor event is a great idea year-round. Athletes, staff, participants, and spectators need to stay hydrated, and offering water bottles for sale is simple and effective. Add a unique twist to your fundraiser by creating custom beverage bottle wraps or custom printed labels for your cups and bottles. Doing so can effectively and professionally advertise your organization to everyone who purchases a drink and notices the wrappers while at the event. And remember to keep your bottles cold in a cooler with plenty of ice to last the entire event.


A smoothie bar is another creative and fun way to cool things down. At a sporting event or any outdoor activity, round up some fresh fruits, a cooler with plenty of ice, a blender, and some sweetener to whip up some refreshing smoothies. Make sure you have cups with labels and bring straws; you can create a menu listing the possible fruit combinations.

Lemonade Stand

The classic lemonade stand is a sure-fire way to round up the funds for your organization. Especially on warm, sunny days, a lemonade stand attracts everyone from kids to adults. Up the appeal by advertising “fresh squeezed lemonade,” mixing freshly squeezed lemons, sugar and water. Use cups with labels showing the name of your organization.

Coffee & Hot Chocolate

Ideal for when the temperatures outside do finally start to dip, serving up coffee and hot chocolate – indoors or out – is sure to draw a crowd. Make sure to have plenty of supplies on hand, and do not forget insulated cups with labels, lids, and stir sticks. Extras like creamer, a variety of sweeteners, flavoring syrups, and marshmallows allow customers to make each drink their own. Request a quote today!

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