Fall beer season is right around the corner and now is the perfect time to prepare.  Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers are as synonymous with the fall season as pumpkin, flannel, scary movies, and football. 


If you’re a craft brewer and are planning to participate in this seasonal opportunity, your friends at Alpine Packaging are here to assist you in making your vision possible. 


 We’re here to help make sure your fall beer selection looks just as appealing as it tastes. Below we have rounded up our best tips for designing and what we can provide for you in making your fall beer labels pop! 



Our Capabilities

Here at Alpine Packaging, we have the supplies and knowledge to bring your vision to the front of the shelves.  The stock that we best recommend is wet adhesive stock. This stock is very effective on bottles and cans that are filled in cooler temperatures. 


We also offer either a matte or laminated finish on the labels to really bring attention to your product and make it stand out from its competitors. 


Along with our various materials, we can assist you with a  highly skilled graphics team that is at your disposal that can help bring your vision to life, or even mock up a couple of variations for you to choose from. 


We can run your orders on our new UV inkjet digital press to really make the label pop with vibrant colors and eye-catching detail. 


Along with the physical capabilities we have to offer, we also have some tips and tricks to better start the process of introducing a fall beer. 



Start with Your Logo

Your brewery’s logo is a critical design element, and should be the first thing considered when designing a beer label. A good and memorable logo includes important features: simple and memorable design, no more than a few complimentary colors, and potentially a tag line or motto that tells your story in just a few words. 


If you already have a logo, consider updating it to reflect the season. Rich, warm colors or the addition of other design elements like a pumpkin or a leaf may bring new attention to your brand. Remember – the same logo design principles apply. Make sure your brand is still easy to recognize despite a small change or two. Keep it simple, easy to read, and limit the number of colors and images. 



Give It a Memorable Name

Half the point of the beer label is so that shoppers know the name of your product. A memorable name will help your label to pop just as much as the colors and images. Come September, shelves start filling up with seasonal beer. 



Colors Matter!

Bold fall colors will help draw attention to your beer bottle. We love jewel tones, burnt oranges & yellows, deep greens, and rich purples. Decide what works for your brand and your imagery, and run with it! 


Here at Alpine, we wish you a season of crisp air, pumpkin patches, and beer, of course. If you need help designing your fall beer label, contact our label engineers today!