We are proud to work with a wide variety of industries at Alpine Packaging. We know that many products and labeling needs can fall outside of typical, smaller sticker and label sizes. Our state of the art production facility is equipped to handle unique sizes, from wide and tall labels for protein supplement jars to long and narrow labels for denim jeans. Keep reading to see a few of the custom size labels we can tailor to your product or facility.


Wide and Tall Labels for Large Bottles

As the demand for nutraceuticals grows, powdered supplements are becoming more and more popular. Many are sold in extra large plastic jars and bottles, which need a corresponding large label. Our presses can print labels up to 13” wide with stunning bright colors and crisp printing quality.


Long Labels for Apparel

For clothing manufacturers, it is important that the size and possibly the company logo be visible when the garment is folded for display. Some apparel labels are used to wrap folded garments to preserve the shape during shipping or when laid out in a store. Alpine can create the long and narrow labels you need to apply to pants, shirts, scarves, or any other apparel item. We have printed 30” and 33” long labels to be applied to jeans for a company who was having trouble finding a supplier for extra long labels, and we can work with you to find the right solution for your apparel products.


Labels and Tapes for Industrial Uses

If you manage a facility that uses heavy machinery or chemicals, workplace safety is of the utmost importance. We have the capabilities to print bright, large, and durable labels for safety warnings and steel or fiber drum labeling. From GHS compliant labels to consumer warnings, we have the know-how and expertise to help you keep employees and customers safe.

In addition to labels, Alpine also offers Tapes that can be used for various labeling purposes. Tapes are similar to labels in that they can be customized with your company’s information, but they do not include liner paper like labels do. Tapes come in rolls, and are ideal for labeling and color-coding long items such as hoses, cables, and wires. Our Label Engineers can help you choose between Flat Back Tapes with permanent or removable adhesives and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Tape for your application.

Start your label inquiry with Alpine today, and we will craft your personalized labels in the perfect custom size.