For small business owners who sell their products in jars and cans, attractive and easy-to-read labels are a key piece of the retail puzzle. Labels are the first piece of information a customer processes about your product, and ultimately will help to influence the decision to purchase your item, or move on to the next one on the shelf.

Designing custom labels for jars – including products like jellies, jams, honey, pickles, lotions, and so many others – will not just earn the attention of customers, it also communicates the message your brand hopes to share. Here are some tips for designing and branding custom labels for your jars.

Keep It Simple

Jarred and canned products tend to appeal to buyers looking for natural, homemade-type goods. Keep the labels simple and easy-to-read, and incorporate your business’s branding elements where appropriate.

Choose A Label Size & Shape to Compliment Your Jar

Choosing the right size and shape label for your jar is just as important as the design of the label itself. A label that is too big will overwhelm the jar, while something too small may not offer enough space for any text you plan to print on it. Squares and rectangles offer the most surface area for printing, while ovals offer a more high-end finish.

Use Artwork

Whether it’s a simple design or your company’s logo, consider adding color and interest with artwork. An appealing design can communicate the essence of your brand and the purpose of the product while also gaining the attention of your customers.

Get Creative with Custom Labels for Jars

Outside of creating your own design, print, artwork, and label shape and size, you can further customize your jar labels with materials and label types. Clear labels offer a sleek “no label” look when placed on any jar surface. Keep in mind the color of the contents of the jar, and make sure your label can be easily read when full or empty. (For example, don’t use white font if the contents of your jar are white.)

Other options include glossy labels or paper foil labels. Play with a combination of these materials to create custom labels that compliment your product and brand.

Our label engineers are ready to help you create a custom label for your jarred or canned product. Contact us today!