In today’s consumer-driven world, it can be argued that packaging innovation is driven by consumer trends. In 2017, a number of packaging trends emerged, and many of these trends are expected to continue to dominate in 2018. One such trend is the demand for custom food bags that deliver convenient use for consumers, and are easy to pack, ship, store, and stock.

Custom Food Bags

Flexible packaging has seen enormous growth in recent years. Specifically, food packaging bags and flexible packaging for food products represent some of the fastest and strongest growth segments in flexible packaging. Food packaging bags allow your business to sell individual, pre-packaged goods to consumers. These bags should meet FDA requirements, keeping food fresh and safe while maintaining the original product’s integrity. Our flexible packaging cookie wraps preserve freshness and can be customized with crystal clear printing of your logo or product information.

As local producers and farm to table food production have increased in popularity, so has the ability and desire to fully customize food bags to represent your business and appeal to your consumers. Your custom poly bags should be professionally designed to deliver an exceptional user experience, from the moment the customer notices your product on the shelf or the farmer’s market, to the moment they discard the packaging.

Some common examples of food packaging bags include pasta bags, popcorn bags, hoagie bags, and candy bags.

Food Storage and Shipping

A critical component to the sale of many food products is the distribution of the product. Packaging plays a critical role in the ability for a food product to go from production to consumption without losing its integrity, including flavor and freshness. Quality food bags will help ensure that food storage and shipping doesn’t affect the quality of your product in a negative way.

Here at Alpine, our FDA approved plain or custom printed polyethylene bags can wrap a variety of foods, including sandwiches, frozen foods, and baked goods. Our unique capabilities as a narrow web printer enable us to imprint one side of a polyethylene bag – resulting in an entirely custom product.

Alpine has the capability to not only deliver custom food bags to specification, on time, and at a great price, but to collaborate and advise in the design of the right solution to meet your needs.

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