As a craft brewer, your beer labels are a significant piece of your branding puzzle. They tell your beer’s story, and will play a significant role in whether a shopper will pick up your beer, or pass right by it. Designing the logos for your craft beers should be met with careful consideration, passion, and creativity.

In the crowded world of craft beers, a stand-out logo can mean the difference between being seen (and tasted) and being left to collect dust. To help you get the wheels turning, we’ve rounded up a list of craft beer logos we love – and the reasons they stand out from the crowd.

Full Pint Brewing Company

The guys at Full Pint Brewery know their craft – and it shows both in the brand they’ve created and in the beer they produce. From their pub to their brewery, their image sets them apart. We love the logos they’ve crafted for each of their beers – each distinctly Full Pint, yet representative of the individual beer.

Full Pint’s logo is easy to read, well-designed, and features elements that are important to the brand. From the hops at the top of the logo, to the Pittsburgh banner at the bottom, consumers don’t doubt that they are choosing a quality, local craft brew. The labels themselves offer appealing color combinations, fun designs, and memorable fonts.

Bottle Labels

1295 Brewing Company

1925 Brewing Company delivers a bold, yet simple design that is understated and sophisticated. Black labels feature a bold white font, offering a vintage design reminiscent of the days of prohibition. Sometimes, simplicity is the best policy. We don’t think you would likely walk past this beer without taking a second look.

1295 Brewing Co


Half Acre

Half Acre describes its beer as “a reflection of those that keep it alive, the people that hoist the beer and the places where it’s found.” The labels reflect exactly that – delivering vintage designs that range from fields of daisies to robots. Each of the eye-catching logos and labels are part of a cohesive branding effort, and the beer inside is just as appealing as the labels on the outside.

half acre beer


Oregon Brewing Company

We’d be surprised if you haven’t seen (and remembered) Oregon Brewing Company’s Rogue line of ales. That’s because the names (“Chipotle Ale” and “VooDoo Doughnut”), flavors, and labels coincide with the brand’s bold personality. Each bottle features its own unique character, most of whom are either holding up their left fist or holding a drink up in their left hand as if to “cheers” the drinker. Rogue’s logo is simply it’s name, with a star found in the center of the “O” – keeping the branding uniform and easy to recognize.

rogue beer


Whether you are just beginning the creative process for designing your beer’s labels or are ready to have your labels printed, Alpine Packaging is here to help you get your beer noticed. Request a quote today!

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