Here at Alpine, we know that growing your brewery is a full time job. Understanding and deciding on beer can or beer bottle labels should be the least of your worries. We are experts in a variety of custom labels – but we are especially passionate about craft beer labels, and helping brewers like you create labels worthy of your beer or cider.  

Alpine has the capability to produce labels for all types of beer cans and bottles. Typically, cans are either 12 oz. or 16 oz. We recommend for the 12oz. cans to use a 3.75” X 8” sized label, and for 16 oz. cans, a 5” X 8” sized label. Bottle label sizes usually depend on the customer’s preference. If you require different sizes, just ask, as we have over 1,500 in-house custom sizes. 

The majority of our craft beer label customers request either dry or wet pressure-sensitive labels for their beer cans or beer bottles. Alpine has pressure-sensitive labels that perform in both dry and wet environments. The two adhesives are capable of withstanding canning/bottling temperatures as cold as 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Searching for a “no label” look on your bottle or can? Clear beer bottle labels offers the benefit of using the can or bottle as the canvas. Clear label stock is also a great alternative to the higher minimums required for a shrink sleeve.

Alpine can provide either a matte finish or a gloss lamination finish depending on your preference and label design. The matte finish is the current trend of the craft industry, which gives off a clean, flat look and helps colors to pop, making your bottle or can stand out.  The gloss lamination finish provides a protective shiny finish, offering outstanding clarity to the designs on the label. No need for lamination? You can skip it, as our UV inks are moisture and scratch resistance already! 

Ready to create labels that will help your brand come to life? Our Label Engineers are here to help you – from design to production. Tell us about your vision today!

Have more questions about our custom beer labels? Check out our helpful FAQs.