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Mistakes in printed materials or product packaging happen all the time. Perhaps you noticed a typo after you already placed a large order. Or maybe the ingredients of your food product changed, after you had already printed labels.

Companies often wind up with outdated information, too. If your company is moving, all of your printed documents may feature your old address. Your product’s serving size or dosage information could change, but your packaging still reflects the old information. And if you make any significant changes to your inventory systems, you may need to update all of your bar code labels.

Instead of throwing everything out and starting from scratch, consider a Cover Up Label! Cover Up Labels are perfect for updating bar codes or QR codes, which can change frequently.

Types of Cover Up Labels

Alpine Packaging offers a White Semi Gloss Opaque Paper Stock with a dark barrier on the back. With the dark backing, any copy covered over will not show through the cover-up stock.

For cover-ups beyond white paper, we also offer a Brown Kraft Stock, which is used to cover mistakes on corrugated cartons and other products.


cover up labels


No matter how bold the type is or how bright the color, Cover Up Labels, also known as blockout labels, can be an easy fix for covering up any printing errors.

Cost Savings with Cover Up Labels

Reprinting entire documents or packaging materials can be expensive. If you need to fix an error or update old information, just cover it up with a label!

Our Label Engineers will work with you to design a Cover Up Label that blends in well with your current products. Click here to request your quote today, and a customer service representative will be in touch soon.

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