Art Specifications


Art Specifications

So that we may print your label effectively, quickly, and with the highest level degree of quality, please review the following specifications:


The preferred file format is Adobe Illustrator (preferably the latest version). We can also accept Adobe Photoshop files. Art files are eventually converted to Illustrator for print.

In Illustrator, placed images should be at highest resolution (300dpi). Images should be layered and saved as PSD, TIFF or EPS files. Images should not be embedded in the artwork. Please include all linked or placed graphics when sending art.

Fonts and Type

Include all fonts used with your artwork or convert all fonts to outline. If not included or supplied after request, artist will use internal font or substitute the font. Minimum reverse type should be no smaller than 6 point and minimum positive type should be no smaller than 5 point. Reversed type may need to be evaluated for printability.

Other Recommendations

If there is a desired bleed for your artwork please extend backgrounds 1/16” beyond the die line.

All colors used in the file should be listed on the electronic art file. We have up to a 6 color ink capability. It is also advised to choose a pantone spot color if the background needs to be only one solid color, this will improve print quality.

Gradients or screen colors should range from 1% to 98%.

Please specify if there are to be any areas with white ink or clear/non-print areas.

Submitting Art Files

Please email files smaller than 5MB to

If file exceeds 5MB please use or dropbox.


If you have any questions, please contact our graphics department at and we will be glad to assist you.

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