October is National Fire Prevention Month. While the campaign lasts the entire month, most fire departments designate the second week of October as Fire Prevention Week, during which most demonstrations are held. One of these demonstrations was held at Alpine Packaging on October 15th.

The Alpine Packaging employees trained on how to use a fire extinguisher with Fire Code Enforcement Officer, Al Hussey. The course description was for OSHA 1910.157 Fire Extinguisher Training and Awareness. The first requirement was to review a video on the proper procedures of using a fire extinguisher; secondly a test with 7 questions was completed by all. After everyone finished the test, Al reviewed and explained the answers to each question. The classroom instruction ended after a question and answer session.

All employees gathered in Alpine’s parking lot for a demonstration of how to properly put out a fire with a fire extinguisher. Alpine’s four fire rangers were elected to actually use the fire extinguisher and put out the small fire that Al Hussey built.

Thank you to Al Hussey for his time and knowledge on fire prevention!

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