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Problem: You’re a local business owner in need of cost-effective marketing materials to distribute to current and potential customers. You want people to think of your business first when it comes time to order a product, call for service, or promote information. You don’t want to spend money on the standard pamphlet, flyer, or postcard that will just get dumped in the recycling bin. You want something that will stand out. But, what?!

Solution: Magnetic Labels! At Alpine Packaging, we produce custom magnetic labels that are beautifully designed and manufactured to last. Using Magnecote ®, the world’s first magnetic paper, our single cut magnetics can be laminated and deliver the utmost in production quality. To promote business growth, companies such as pizza shops, HVAC service providers, and plumbing contractors commonly use magnetic labels to keep their name in the customer’s mindset.

But those aren’t the only businesses that can use magnetic labels. To get you inspired, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite creative ways to utilize magnetic labels in your business.

1. Clever Appointment Reminders
If your business operates on making client appointments, you need to be using magnetic labels. Let’s take a hair salon, for example.

A magnetic appointment card with a clever saying makes your business stand out from the rest. Magnetic appointment reminder cards can also be used in the medical fields for pediatric check ups, dental cleanings, etc.

2. Organization, Organization, Organization!
No matter what your office setting, it’s always important to stay organized. One of our favorite uses for magnetic labels is in the warehouse. With constantly moving inventory, magnetic labels can be used to keep your stock in order. And even better, magnetic labels are easily removable and reusable. That sure beats scrubbing off sticky goo…

3. Calendar Giveaways at the Company Picnic or Holiday Party
Sick of handing out that boring mug with the company logo to your employees at the end of the year parties? Change it up with a magnetic calendar, perfect for keeping on everyone’s filing cabinet. Better yet, include all the company-sponsored holidays. Everyone will love it!

4. What the People Really Want — Sports!
As a ‘Burgh-based business, we know that everyone is a diehard sports fan. So, why not indulge and give them what they want… a schedule of all the season’s games! Even if your business has nothing to do with sports, your logo will live on the refrigerator, in the cubicle, or around the water cooler all year long.

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