In an effort to help you capture the attention of your customers, we’ve rounded up some of this year’s hottest design trends. Your packaging tells the story of your brand and product, and could mean the difference between a customer grabbing your product, or your competitor’s product. These 2017 packaging design trends will differentiate your product, helping it stand out in a sea of options.

Less is More

We’ve heard this time and time again, but shoppers continue to prefer simpler packaging designs to complicated or busy designs. Today’s shopper views a simpler design as “luxe” or high-end. Less-is-more designs are perceived as offering better-quality or more wholesome ingredients.

Hand Lettering

Similar to the “less-is-more” trend, hand lettering on labels and packaging delivers the perception of a homemade or handmade product, which the shopper often assumes to be of better quality than a generic brand or product. Additionally, hand lettering stands out significantly from traditional digital fonts, making it an up-and-coming choice for many popular brands and retailers.

Bold Geometric Prints

A departure from the less-is-more concept, bold geometric prints and designs are making a splash this year. These loud prints with bright and bold colors are immediately eye-catching. These striking visual designs are sure to stand out on any store shelf (and in online product photos)!


Pastels have made a comeback this year, thanks to the “innocent” feel of a design using pastel colors. Quirky hand-drawn designs and illustrative characters and scenes play on the shopper’s sense of nostalgia, drawing on their childhood memories and imagination.


Vintage fonts and prints take us back to a simpler time – where manufacturers produced their products in small, handcrafted batches. Vintage label designs play on those emotions, suggesting a higher-quality product.


Incorporating colors, textures, and images from nature into your product’s packaging design creates a “pure” or “clean” perception. Pantone’s color of the year for 2017 is greenery, which plays perfectly into this design trend. Floral prints, plants, and landscapes inspire shoppers who value environmentally-friendly and clean products. These designs also offer an escape for shoppers who daydream of escaping the hustle and bustle of city life for the great outdoors.


People love things that were made just for them. Coke perfected this design trend with their “Share a Coke” campaign. The idea was to inspire consumers to “share a Coke” by purchasing a Coke with the name of someone they know. Shoppers like to feel special, and personalized product packaging creates an intimate connection between your product and a shopper.

Apply These Packaging Design Trends to Your Products

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