Custom Printed Polyethylene Bags

Dissatisfied with off the shelf solutions for your poly bags?


Alpine Packaging delivers affordability + custom crafted poly bag designs to meet your business’ individual needs.

custom printed poly bags
candy poly bags
colored poly film
industrial poly bags

At Alpine, our custom printed poly bags are not only affordable, but custom crafted to meet the needs of your application. Our FDA approved plain or custom printed polyethylene bags can wrap your hoagies, frozen foods, or candy. Need a carton or drum liner? With a warehouse of poly film, Alpine is ready to supply the custom size and strength for your bags, sleeves, and sheets. Made in the USA.

A stock catalog of polyethylene bags may be fine for some, but at Alpine we’re about meeting the custom needs of demanding clients.  Our label and poly bag engineers partner with every customer, finding the right solution that:

  • Meets and exceeds the engineering specifications for your polyethylene bags
  • Draws on our unique capabilities as a narrow web printer, able to imprint one side of a polyethylene bag
  • Represents your company well, providing the look and feel for a good customer / end user experience
  • Polyethylene bags and film ready for multi-color printing in widths of 13″ and under

Find the Right Custom Poly Bags for Your Product

We offer clear and printed poly bags in a variety of thicknesses. Lightweight poly bags at a 1.5 mil thickness are ideal for small and delicate items. Medium weight bags are appropriate for food packaging and slightly heavier small items. For sharp products and even liquids, our 4 to 6 mil thickness poly bags can safely hold tools, screws, mulch, and other gardening and industrial goods.

Polyethylene bags with fast turn around, low minimums, and custom printing, from Alpine Packaging. Alpine has the capability to not only deliver to specification, on time, and at a great price, but to collaborate and advise in the design of the right solution to meet your needs. Our goal is to help your company grow and succeed by developing a long term partnership that proves its value, year after year.

Discontinued Films

discontinued poly films

We have several sizes of film that are being discontinued, and we are making our remaining inventory of these films available for purchase. The films range in gauge from .00125 to .006 and from 4″ to 29″ in length.



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